Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to my new, and first Blog


Of the 35 years I've been in existence, I have travelled during every single one of them. Born here in the UK but Christened in Mombasa, Kenya, I guess that must have been my first trip overseas. My parents worked in East and Southern Africa during my childhood and so these were, by default, the places I came to know best as I grew up. I learnt to swim off the Kenyan coast in reef lagoons, went fishing for ridiculously enormous specimens and stood on Table Mountains' plateau in the never-ending and freezing gale that blows that high. Wildlife was a given and I remember baboons frequently stealing windscreen wipers off my fathers car.

Now I work in travel and have done, in a variety of roles, for more than a decade. My focus these days is Australia where I'll head next week. It's a country I adore, am addicted to. I'll post more when I get there.......!

Bye for now